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Derric van Rensburg

Derric van Rensburg, internationally renowned for his superb impressionistic paintings, is widely rated as one of South Africa’s top artists. He is well known for his colourful landscapes, the vineyards of the Western Cape, abstract wildlife and the use of bright acrylic colours in his paintings.

Following humble beginnings, Derric has emerged as one of the true heavyweights of the local and international art scenes. Having always felt a profound connection to the natural environment since early childhood, this versatile and prolific artist draws his inspiration from the abundant beauty found in the African landscape, as well as the rich variety of people, fauna and flora inhabiting it. To the delight of audiences at home and abroad, his broad brush strokes and sometimes abstract visual intensity, coupled with ingenious inpressionist flair, continues to capure the true aesthetic essence of this rugged continent. It all started at the age of ten when he completed his first pencil drawing, and his career later followed the commercial and manufacturing world of the creative arts. He progressed to teaching art before becoming a professional artist in 1986. He has contributed richly to the development of emerging artists in South Africa, not only through teaching art as a profession, but also through numerous workshops and private tutorials across the country.

Derric has exhibited many times in South Africa, Portugal, England, Germany, Italy and Australia, and most of his commissions are placed by multinational corporate clients and a number of South Africa’s finest hotels.

Derric van Rensburg

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  • Golden Horizon - 26340

    Golden Horizon

    Size: 23 1/2 x 35
    Medium: Acrylic on canvas

    Product #: 26340

  • SOLD – Face To Face - 26339

    SOLD – Face To Face

    Size: 35 x 23 1/2
    Medium: Acrylic on canvas

    Product #: 26339

  • Golden Menagerie - 26338

    Golden Menagerie

    Size: 23 1/2 x 47 1/4
    Medium: Acrylic on canvas

    Product #: 26338

  • Night Face - 26337

    Night Face

    Size: 23 1/2 x 35
    Medium: Acrylic on canvas

    Product #: 26337

  • Sunstruck Lion - 26336

    Sunstruck Lion

    Size: 23 1/2 x 35 1/2
    Medium: Acrylic on canvas

    Product #: 26336

  • Into The Blue - 26335

    Into The Blue

    Size: 21 1/2 x 31
    Medium: Acrylic on canvas

    Product #: 26335

  • Out Of The Shadows - 26334

    Out Of The Shadows

    Size: 23 1/2 x 31
    Medium: Acrylic on canvas

    Product #: 26334