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Lute Vink

Lute Vink
An artist in awe of the natural beauty of our planet

From the heart of Lute Vink

“How would I want to be remembered: as an artist that stood in awe by the natural beauty of our planet Earth that respected every tiny detail thereof that absorbed, who learned and tried to truly understand nature. I want to leave knowing that my paintings are an ongoing remembrance of my love for nature and that it will inspire others to appreciate and love our planet.

I’ve read somewhere that – it’s not if you have the ability to draw or paint, but to be able to “see” (to understand). Somehow, as I made progress, I realized that the more you think you know, you’ll find out how little you actually know. I was never taught how to draw, let alone paint.

I believe anyone can learn to draw. It is a skill that can be developed through repeating. But to “see”, to understand how things work and then put dimension to it. That is something totally different that is born from deep within an artist.

When I set out to gather photo references for my work I either go on short excursions on my own or do the annual holiday-vacation with my family. Our holidays are usually in the wild – Kalahari Gemsbok Park, Moremi, Chobe. Luckily my family shares my love and passion for nature.

I do not like to simply fill the canvas with a portrait-like face of an animal. I enjoy telling a story or create a possible scenario that plays of in the animals’ environment. If possible, I like to debate with the viewer/client whether the story in the painting makes sense, if the scenario is possible or probable. Needless to say, I like to be correct – spot on – in the scenario that I create on canvas. That is the way I study the environment as well as the animals.

I also feel for the animals in captivity e.g. zoo’s, farms and rehabilitation facilities. If I could send out a message to the buyer/viewer/admirer, it would be for them to take note of what’s happening out there with our wildlife. Visit your zoos and parks. Support and help protect this beauty. Help preserve the land they live in or on. Support fundraising events for our planets animals. We need to reconnect or stay in touch with our planet.

I have so many times felt only gratitude and feeling the great “thank you” towards an animal after a series of photos have been taken. How do you say thank you to a leopard, elephant or kudu that has posed for minutes or an hour nearby you?

I try to be true in color choice not only in the animals but also when it comes to the time of day or from season to season. When I add small, little details like butterflies or birds, I’d like to be correct in the sense of, would the butterfly really be around that specific time in the year. Most of the times I create “my own” scene and correct all the objects to form a story.

I’ve learned that there is always something to learn, so I listen to the public’s comments on my work, take note of what they are saying. This keeps you on your toes and also keeps you humble”

Born in Den Helder the Netherlands in 1961, Lute immigrated to South Africa with his parents at the age of 2. At this very early stage in his life he lost his father. Lute’s father had artistic skills but unfortunately passed away before he could make art his career.

As far back as he can remember, he was always busy sketching and began his full time professional art career in 1989, when he discovered a local market for his wildlife art. Many paintings later, he finds himself in the privileged position where his work is in high demand, where sometimes the demand exceeds the availability. Lute derives great pleasure out of wildlife and nature and respects every aspect thereof. His favorite pastime is visiting game parks, where he not only gets his reference material from, but also finds his inspiration. Although he is known for his excellent wildlife (elephant, lion, rhino, kudu, leopard, giraffe etc) Lute also does fine art paintings which include still lives, figures and farm scenes. Lute’s work is well accepted everywhere. His paintings hang in collections worldwide and he has been credited and published in numerous magazines and publications.

His dream to leave the busy city life behind him became a reality when he moved to the Buschveld with his family in 2002
To him it is a privilege to be able to share his extraordinary talent with people all over the world.

Lute demonstrates his love, commitment and admiration to the source of his inspiration by contributing paintings to fundraiser auctions on an annual basis. The proceeds of the auctions go towards wildlife conservation.

Lute Vink

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    Medium: Oil

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    Medium: Oil

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