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Nicole Sanderson

Nicole Sanderson

Born 1984, Harare, Zimbabwe

Nicole is a Zimbabwean born artist. She grew up on a tobacco farm where she nurtured her talent and developed her artistic skills from a very young age. Nicole later attained her degree in Fine Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, USA in 2006.

Thereafter Nicole has traveled extensively throughout USA, Europe and Southern Africa and spent a great deal of time painting in the South of France, Zambia, Zimbabwe and more recently in the Sichuan Provence, China where she was invited on a 7 week exchange programme sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

Her primary choice of medium is oil on canvas. Nicole draws her inspiration from nature, in particular from birds. Inspired by the freedom they depict and fascinated with their instinct, creativity, grace and beauty, she hopes to visually recreate the beauty they add to the world.

“THE MASTER IN THE ART OF LIVING draws no distinction between work and play, labor and leisure, mind and body, education and recreation. Simply pursue your vision of excellence through whatever you are doing! Leave others to determine whether you are working or playing! To yourself, it always feels that you are doing both!!” (Abraham Hicks Publications)


2006 BFA Savannah College of Art and Design (major in painting)

2004 Lacoste school of art, Lacoste, France



2015 Artist Residency Programme, Chinese Ministry of Culture

2005 Painting Studio Award

2002 Artistic Honors Scholarship Award

2002-2005 Deans List, Savannah College of Art and Design



2015 Group Exhibition, Unseen World, Chengdu, China

2015 Solo Exhibtion, Fight or Flight, The Studio, Harare, Zimbabwe

2014 Woman on Top, National Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe

2013 Group Exhibition, Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

2012 Joint show, Exhibition with Katerina Ring, Ababa House, Lusaka, Zambia

2011 Solo Show, Ballerina’s and Bicycles, Borrowdale Village, Harare, Zimbabwe

2011 Group Exhibition, Ababa House, Lusaka, Zambia

2008 Tri-show, (Impey, Chakwa, Sanderson) Ababa House, Lusaka, Zambia

2007 Solo Show, Richard Rennie, Harare, Zimbabwe

2006 Hear no evil. Interactive Tin Can Installation, Colonial Park Cemetery, Savannah GA, USA

2005 Far from home, a juried international student show. La Gallerie Bleue, Poetter Hall Presidential

2005 Gallery. Savannah GA, USA

2005 The Tsunami Charity Show, a group show, Sentient Bean, Savannah GA, USA

2004 Exposition 2004, a group show, Lacoste, France

2004 Natural Selection, a juried show (Josh Yu & Craig Drennen) Alexander Gallery, Savannah GA, USA

2004 Portraits, a group show, Desoto Row, Savannah GA, USA

2003 Mixed media group show, Gallery 28, Savannah GA USA

2003 Portraits, Poetter Hall, Presidential Gallery, Savannah GA USA

2002-2005 Open night studio, painting and installation show, Alexander Gallery, Savannah GA USA


Media & Performing Art

2005 Boxed In Video Performance with Victor Ruano, Savannah GA, USA

2004 Comedia Del Arts, Large format set painting, Lacoste, France

2004 Dance and Costume Performance, Pompidou Contemporary Art Museum, Paris, France

2004 Dance and Costume Performance, Avignon, Provence, France


Commissioned Projects

2014 Sixteen Privately Commissioned Paintings, Shelly & Mark Burden, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

2012 Twenty-eight Paintings, Pamuzinda Safari Lodge, Norton,  Zimbabwe

2012 Four portraits, Lilfordia School, Harare, Zimbabwe




Nicole Sanderson

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  • Skyfall II - 24355

    Skyfall II

    Size: 39 x 39
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 24355

  • Skyfall I - 24354

    Skyfall I

    Size: 39 x 47
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 24354

  • Woven Blue - 23453

    Woven Blue

    Size: 43 x 62 1/2
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 23453

  • Carmine Dance - 24356

    Carmine Dance

    Size: 35 x 55
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 24356

  • Through Pockets Of Air - 24151

    Through Pockets Of Air

    Size: 23 1/4 x 54 3/4
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 24151

  • Bustle - 24149


    Size: 43 3/4 x 69
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 24149

  • Palm Peace - 23318

    Palm Peace

    Size: 35 x 39
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 23318

  • Spirit Warrior - 23317

    Spirit Warrior

    Size: 47 x 39
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 23317

  • Fight - 23316


    Size: 39 x 47
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 23316

  • SOLD – The Flock - 23315

    SOLD – The Flock

    Size: 47 x 55
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 23315

  • SOLD – In Between Spaces - 24150

    SOLD – In Between Spaces

    Size: 33 1/4 x 33 1/2
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 24150

  • SOLD – Ballantyne Bishops - 23320

    SOLD – Ballantyne Bishops

    Size: 23 1/2 x 58 1/2
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 23320

  • SOLD – Combretum Hustle (Triptych) - 23321

    SOLD – Combretum Hustle (Triptych)

    Size: 43 X 21 1/2
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Product #: 23321

Nicole Sanderson