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Vlastimil Beranek

Vlastimil Beranek
Sculptor of glass between fire and ocean
Born in 1960, Nové Mesto na Morave, The Czech Republic

Vlastimil Beránek is an educated and trained sculptor. He was trained by the master, legend of Bohemian crystal sculpture professor Stanislav Libenský. He is an exponent of the third generation of the glassmaking Beránek family who made history of the Czech glass in the 1940s as they established a glasswork at Škrdlovice.

He is known as a creator of sizeable glass sculptures made of glass molten in mould. He also creates sculptures made from luxury hardwood or bronze. The sculptures are characterized by elementary simplicity free of tiny details which look perfectly from all the angles. In their extreme forms, at times, reach the very limits of the technology applied. Shapes of his sculptures are minimalistic, so far, that this utmost shape will not allow you to get any further in simplifying it.

In his sculptures, he tries to freeze movement or express emotion. This is a hard task in which proportions, colour and final shapes of the sculpture help him. It is very important to have perfect proportions of the initial shape. Then you can make some intervention in it. You can twist it, distort it, cut out etc. And that is the principle of Beránek’s work - to show movement in static sculptures.

Most of Beránek‘s inspirations come from the sea. There are not many things on the planet than Deep Ocean so covered with secret. And this is interesting for him. Moreover, the ocean is in constant movement, so it is a perfect environment just for Beránek’s inspiration to his sculptures. Another element which fascinates him is fire. When you light a match and then extinguish it, there is the last bit of smoke. Very magic moment which quickly disappears.

That is the inspiration for Vlastimil Beránek.

1975–1979 Brno, Specialized school of decorative arts
1983–1989 Prague, Academy of applied arts,
Atelier of Professor Stanislav Libenský


Czech Republic    Liberec, Museum of glass
Czech Republic   Šluknov, Crystal Caviar Gallery
Armenia               Yerevan, Cafesjian Centre for the Arts
Austria                 Salzburg, Galerie Prager Kabinett
Luxembourg         Jean-Claude Chapelotte Gallery


2022     Crystal Caviar, Monaco Yacht Show, Monaco  
2022     Dubai International Boat Show, Dubai, UAE
2021     Czech pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE
(3 monumental sculptures and 5 medium size crystal and bronze sculptures)
2021     Crystal Caviar, Monaco Yacht Show, Monaco  
2021     Op Art / Glass, Imagine Museum, Florida, USA
2020     Miro Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2020      Worlds first glass and Bohemian crystal sculpture Virtual Reality
Exhibition 2nd October 2020
2019      ARTSiO gallery and Crystal Caviar, Monaco Yacht Show, Monaco  
2019      ARTSiO gallery, Dubai International Boat Show, Dubai, UAE
2018      Sklo – Rubikon group, West Bohemian Museum Plzen, Czech Republic
2018     Homo Faber – Crafting more human nature, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy
2018     ARTSiO gallery and Crystal Caviar, Monaco Yacht Show, Monaco
2018     Toyama International Glass Exhibition 2018, Glass Art Museum, Toyama, Japan
2018      ARTSiO gallery, Dubai International Boat Show, Dubai, UAE
2017     Bohemian Crystal, GX Gallery, London, UK
2017     Crystal Caviar, Monaco Yacht Show, Monaco
2017     Gallery New Form, Trelleborg, Sweden
2017      Timeless Gallery Marbella, Spain
2017      ARTSiO gallery, Protect the fragility - first Bohemian crystal sculptures
underwater exhibition, Punta Negra, Mallorca
2017      Crystal Caviar, Dubai International Boat Show, Dubai, UAE...Less...

Vlastimil Beranek

Glass Art

Vlastimil Beranek
17 1/2 X 17 1/2
Vlastimil Beranek
17 1/2 X 17 1/2
Vlastimil Beranek
10 X 31 1/2 X 7