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Giclee Prints on Wall at an Art Show

What Is a Giclee Print?

Welcome to our article all about Giclee Prints! 

In this quick article you’ll learn: 

    What a Giclee Print is

    How Giclee Prints are Made

    The Difference Between Limited Edition Giclees and Open Edition Giclees

    Why Limited Edition Giclees are Special

So if you are considering buying art work or you just want to learn more about giclee’ you’ll love this article! 

wall art size guide

The Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide [2021]

We’ve help lot’s of customers hang high quality art in their homes. If you need a little help displaying your art work, you’ll love this guide.

Inside you’ll learn how to:

Display large standalone pieces of art

Where to hang small wall art

General tips and trick to hang your wall art like a pro