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Large Paintings & Prints

Large Fine Art Prints -Large Original Paintings – Large Wall Art

Lions On The Savannah – Large Oil on Canvas

‘Silent Fire’ By David Langmead | 30 x 50

Lioness Hunting – Large Giclee Print

‘Gold Rush’ By David Langmead | 28.5 x 50

Leopards in the Sun - Large Wildlife Giclee

‘Riverside Rapture’ By David Langmead –| 26 x 40

Lions Portrait – Large Oil on Canvas

‘Kavinga Coalition’ By David Langmead | 31.25 x 47

‘Carmine Chaos’ 

David Langmead

“Many years ago we made the mistake of cutting ourselves off from animals, but in the bushveld one can still listen to the conversation between nature and the divine.

It is a place where a finely sustained balance exists against a backdrop of raw beauty.”

Large Elephant Giclee

‘Pools Of Paradise’ By David Langmead | 44 x 62 (Large)

Large Elephants Giclee

‘Land of the Giants’ By David Langmead | 33 x 50 (Large)

Large Oil on Canvas

‘Pride’ By David Langmead | 32.75 x 62.75

Large Oil on Canvas 'liquid undertones'

‘Liquid Undertones’ By David Langmead | 33 x 24

‘King of the Waterhole’

James Stroud

Best described as “sculptures in paint” – Thick oil creates vivid art that lunges from the canvas

Lion & Cub Large Original Oil Painting

‘Up and Adam’ By James Stroud | 48 x 30

Large Original Painting Oil on Panel

‘The Pursuit’ By James Stroud | 48 x 24

‘Kudu Gathering’

Margaret Gradwell

Original contemporary oil paintings – inspired by beautiful South Africa

Wide Colorful Oil on Canvas

‘Blouwildebeest at The Drinking Hole’ By Margaret Gradwell | 31 x 62

Colorful Buffalo Acrylic & Oil on Canvas

‘The Magnificense’ By Margaret Gradwell | 35 x 47

Colorful Waterbirds Oil on Canvas

‘Congregation of Waterbirds’ By Margaret Gradwell | 56 x 37

Large Living Room Sized Canvas Artwork here at Native Visions Galleries! Many of our original paintings are also available in limited edition giclee reproductions. If you found a piece of wall art that you love and want to see if there are other sizes available, please check out our giclees limited edition giclees page.

Need a little help choosing where to hang your next painting in your home? Check out our wall art size guide!