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The Light Fantastic

The Wildlife Art Of David Langmead

David Langmead

Product #: TLFBOOK

Options: Collector’s Edition, Deluxe Leather Bound Edition

David Langmead’s amazing new book invites you on a journey into the secret heart of the African bushveld and beyond. Discover the animal world that is the source of inspiration for his paintings and journey into the beauty of the natural world.
Richly illustrated, every page of this book is an invitation to a world of dreams, discoveries and reflection. 

Hardcover, 168 Pages. Over 100+ painting illustrations.
Collector’s Edition: Linen hard-cover with dust jacket

Available as a standard Collector’s edition for $60 and also a Premium Deluxe leather bound edition for $125.

About the Author

Raised on a farm in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe, David Langmead was still a child when he first started to dream of becoming a painter of wild animals. In the years to come, his long-held dream would turn into widespread recognition for his atmospheric landscapes. Published by Sporting Classics and Native Visions Galleries, The Light Fantastic features 176 full-color images of wild animals, from the dusty plains of Africa to the lush, watery world of America’s Everglades.

“Soon after meeting David, I was impressed with his bush skills and familiarity with his wild surroundings,” says Ross Parker, owner of Native Visions Galleries. “His passion for the smells, sounds, flora and fauna—the colors of it all—was like no other artist I have met.”









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